Alfred Wyles first took out a patent related to motor plough design in 1911, and the following year a single-furrow machine was built to his design by the Fowler company in 1912. It used a single-cylinder petrol engine and had two drive wheels at the front; the operator walked behind the machine, controlling it with a pair of handles. Fowlers later signed an agreement with the Wyles Motor Ploughs Ltd (Manchester) to build a larger version with two-cylinder engine and two-furrow plough. Other implements and attachments were also available, allowing it to be adapted to a wide variety of tasks such as cultivating, hoeing and belt work. An even larger version of the motor plough was introduced in 1915 - this was available in two models, the two-speed Type 4A and single-speed Type 4B, but both now included a seat for the driver.

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Wyles motor plough (serial no. 675) at Carrington Rally, Lincolnshire, England in 2011.


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