The Sheffield firm of Vickers was well known as a manufacturer of armaments both prior to and during the First World War. In the early 1920s they decided to diversify into tractor production, but rather than design its own tractor, Vickers opted for a licensing arrangement with International Harvester that allowed it to build the latter’s 15-30 model. The aim was to market the tractor in Australia, and hence it became known as the Vickers "Aussie". There were minor modifications to the IHC 15-30 design, but the most noticeable difference was the bright orange paint and the “Vickers” name cast into the top of the radiator. The first Vickers tractors appeared in 1925, and over the next four years several different versions were produced with various modifications. The Mk I was rated at 30 hp, whereas the Mk III, introduced in 1926, carried a higher rating of 23-40 hp roughly in line with the uprated IHC 22-36. A Mk IV appeared in 1929 with a number of improvements based on experience under Australian conditions, although the tractor was also marketed in the UK. Unfortunately sales were not forthcoming, and Vickers abandoned its tractor project in the early 1930s.

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Vickers Aussie Mk I (serial no. 951) at Onslow Park Rally, Shropshire, England in 2007.

Vickers Aussie Mk I at the Wheatlands Musuem, Warracknabeal, Victoria, Australia in 2007.

Vickers Aussie Mk III (serial no. 1360) at the Parkes Museum, New South Wales, Australia in 2006.

Vickers Aussie Mk IV at Carrington Rally, Lincolnshire, England in 2005.


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