Tony Thompson's Collection

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The oldest tractor in Tony's collection is this 1918 Twin City 12-20, serial no. 10202, and was the second one made. It survived three generations on a farm 17 miles from Tony's home, and he extracted it from a machine shed where it was put in 1967.

This 1922 Twin City 20-35, serial no. 3601, used to run a large sawmill and thresher in southeast Iowa. It was discovered by one of Tony's friends in 1969, sitting in the weeds in front of the crumbling sawmill.

The largest tractor in Tony's collection is this 1928 Twin City 27-44, serial no. 250417, which is equipped with "Road King" 28-inch wide rear wheels. The restoration of this tractor is described in detail here.

This 1930 Twin City KT carries the serial no. 300123, which means it was the 123rd one built. Tony is hoping to find a set of steel wheels for it someday.

Tony's 1937 MM Twin City J standard is no. 414 out of 469 made. It was purchased at an auction in the early 90's in central Illinois.

This 1945 Minneapolis-Moline Z standard came from Canada. It is a high-option tractor with belt pulley, pto, a lighted dash with gauges, starter, generator, battery box and a road package that includes rubber tyres, road gear, equalizer brake, headlights, rear light and tail light.

Tony's Massey-Harris Challenger was built in early 1936. He bought it from a collector in Kansas as a restored tractor, but it turned out to be just a cosmetic restoration. Tony stripped the tractor down and discovered major problems with the valve train as well as oil leaks, incorrect bearing clearance and a worn out governor.

Finally, we have Tony's 1937 Oliver Hart Parr 70 standard. This one also came from Canada and he gave it a mechanical restoration, but has no plans to paint it.


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