The Stinson Tractor Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded by two brothers from South Dakota, Charles and Leslie Stinson, as well as third man, Richard Ruemelin, who previously worked as an engineer for the Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Co. Ruemelin brought his expertise to bear on the design of the Stinson tractor, which first entered production in 1917. This was a three-wheeled machine with two large rear drive wheels and a single front wheel for steering, and was reminiscent of the Happy Farmer tractor. The tractor was built first by the Gile Engine Co. of Ludlington, Michigan, and then by the Imperial Machinery Co. of Minneapolis. In 1919 the Stinson Tractor Co. relocated to Superior, Wisconsin, and the following year saw the production of a new four-wheeled tractor, the Stinson "Heavy Duty" 18-36 model. From that point on, this was the sole tractor produced by the company until its demise in 1922.

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Stinson 18-36 at the Country Heritage Park, Milton, Ontario, Canada in 2004.


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