Russ Hamm's Collection

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The oldest tractor in Russ's collection is this International Harvester 8-16, built in 1922. It was purchased as one of a pair of parts tractors, and Russ made one good one out of the two. He had to fabricate a lot of parts during the restoration, and the cylinder head and manifold came from Quebec in Canada. At present it is painted with grey primer, and Russ plans to add the top coat of paint soon. The third photo below shows the 8-16 hitched to a 1920's Deering 8ft. "New Ideal" binder, with Russ's friend Travis Robinson in the seat. This combination was used to bind wheat at the show in Goessel, Kansas and performed very well.

Next in the line-up is this 1929 Fairway Regular, which was one of International Harvester's early attempts at building a tractor for non-farm use. This tractor has 3 original wheels and one that had to be repaired. Russ only knows of three of this particular model, and of these, only two are still on their original wheels. This tractor was purchased originally by the city of Salina, Kansas for mowing the grass in cemeteries.

A later Farmall model in Russ's collection is this 1937 F-30 narrow tread. this tractor had been almost completely dissassembled by the previous owner, but he passed away before he could haul it off to scrap. Russ bought it from his widow after it had sat out in a pasture for many years with the cylinder head off, and the engine was in such a bad state that a gas torch had to be used to free the valve lifters.

From the same era is this 1935 McCormick-Deering WK-40, which is fitted with a six-cylinder Red Diamond truck engine. Russ bought parts for the tractor over a number of years in order to complete the restoration.

A recent purchase is this 1930 10-20 TracTractor, which was International Harvester's first production crawler model. Russ has a lot of parts for the tractor and it is presently awaiting its turn for restoration.

Last up is this 1927 John Deere Model D with a keyed flywheel, which spent its working life in western Kansas. It is a nice, very complete example and was restored by Russ's son Ryan during his vocational agricultural class.


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