Saunderson Tractor Register

Most of the information below was supplied by Saunderson historians, Andrew & David Seeley. If you have any information on the company or its products, please email me and I will forward it to them.

H.P. Saunderson & Co.
Model Serial No. Year Owner/Location
A 142 n/a Pioneer Settlement, Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia
A 143 n/a Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Saunderson & Gifkins
Model Serial No. Year Owner/Location
V 451 n/a South Island, New Zealand
V n/a n/a Tasmania, Australia
F 403 n/a MOTAT, Auckland, New Zealand
F 454 n/a Esperance Municipal Museum, Esperance, Western Australia, Australia
L n/a n/a Father Pandosy Mission, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
L (no engine) n/a n/a Albany, Minnesota, USA
G (side-steer) 516 n/a Western Development Museum, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

Saunderson & Mills
Model Serial No. Year Owner/Location
S (no engine) n/a n/a North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand
G (side-steer) 553 n/a Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Museum, Geraldine, New Zealand
G (side-steer) 611 n/a Yarrawonga-Mulwala Pioneer Museum, Mulwala, Victoria, Australia
G (side-steer) n/a n/a Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
G (side-steer) n/a n/a Scotland
G (forward-control) 687 n/a England
G 1100 n/a Cambridgeshire, England
G 1116 n/a Cheshire, England
G 1120 n/a Suffolk, England
G 1131 n/a Somerset, England
G 1133 n/a Bedfordshire, England

Saunderson Tractor & Implement Co.
Model Serial No. Year Owner/Location
G 1166 n/a North Yorkshire, England
G 1197 n/a Bicton Park Botanical Gardens, Bicton, Devon, England
G 1240 n/a Cornwall, England
G 1336 n/a World of Country Life, Exmouth, Devon, England
G 1383 n/a Suffolk, England
G 1388 n/a England
G 1422 n/a England
G 1477 n/a Lincolnshire, England
G 1523 n/a England
G 1545 n/a Usk Rural Life Museum, Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales
G 1546 n/a Scotland
G 1633 n/a Rutland County Museum, Oakham, Rutland, England
G 1639 n/a Derbyshire, England
G 1669 n/a Suffolk, England
G 1673 n/a Northern Ireland
G 1678 n/a Geoff Parfitt, Devon, England
G 1709 n/a County Cork, Ireland
G 1801 n/a Suffolk, England
G 1830 n/a Norfolk, England
G 1858 n/a North Island, New Zealand
G 1861 n/a Barleylands Farm Museum, Billericay, Essex, England
G 1882 n/a Ireland
G 1900 n/a Western Australia, Australia
G 1909 n/a Bedfordshire, England
G 1923 n/a Scotland
G 1930 n/a North Island, New Zealand
G 1982 n/a Canberra, Australia
G 2030 n/a Huntingdonshire, England
G 2074 n/a Pearns Steam World, Westbury, Tasmania, Australia
G 2141 n/a Wales
G n/a n/a Berkshire, England
G n/a n/a Cambridgeshire, England
G n/a n/a Breamore Countryside Museum, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England
G n/a n/a Suffolk, England
G n/a n/a North West Agricultural Museum, Lichtenburg, South Africa
Super Light-Weight 3044 n/a Lincolnshire, England

Crossley Motors
Model Serial No. Year Owner/Location
G 2108 n/a Victoria, Australia
G 2141 n/a Pembrokeshire, Wales
G 2149 n/a Suffolk, England
G 2158 n/a Keith & Victor Bryan, Cork, Ireland


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