Austin Tractor Register
[Excluding diesel models]

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English-built tractors
Model Serial No. Year Owner/Location
R   R131 n/a England
R R176 n/a Keith & Victor Bryan, Cork, Ireland
R   R205 n/a England
R   R240 n/a England
R R272 n/a n/a
R R442 n/a England
R R489 n/a England
R R622 n/a n/a
R R774 n/a n/a
R R815 1919 Somerset, England
R R1084 n/a Tasmania, Australia
R   R1290 n/a England
R R1337 n/a Science Museum at Wroughton, Wiltshire, England
R R1650 n/a n/a
R R1784 n/a n/a
R   R1803 n/a England
R R1973 n/a Ireland
R   R2042 n/a World of Country Life, Exmouth, Devon, England
R R2074 n/a n/a
R R2090 n/a England
R R2092 n/a England
R   R2277 n/a n/a
R R2319 n/a n/a
R R2553 n/a n/a
R   n/a n/a Shuttleworth Collection, Bedfordshire, England
R   n/a n/a Dairyland Farm World, Newquay, Cornwall, England
R   n/a n/a Devon, England
R   n/a n/a England
R   n/a n/a Staffordshire, England
R   n/a n/a Wales
R n/a n/a Agricultural Museum of Iceland, Hvanneyri, Iceland
R n/a n/a Jondaryan Woolshed, Jondaryan, Queensland, Australia
R n/a n/a Agricultural Museum, Wyalkatchem, Western Australia, Australia
R   n/a n/a Geraldine Vintage Car & Machinery Museum, Geraldine, New Zealand

French-built tractors
Model Serial No. Year Owner/Location
English-style 132 n/a Christophe Jehan, Sarthe, France
English-style 580 n/a New Zealand
English-style 684 n/a England
English-style   716 n/a England
English-style 737 n/a England
English-style 1070 n/a Fairlie Heritage Museum, Fairlie, New Zealand
English-style 1151 n/a Italy
English-style 1309 n/a Geldof Museum, Harelbeke, Belgium
English-style 1379 n/a France
English-style 1537 n/a France
English-style 1550 n/a n/a
English-style   n/a n/a England
English-style n/a n/a Museo Colchagua, Santa Cruz, Chile
English-style n/a n/a Musée de Carbonat, France
A.M.26?   1599 n/a Netherlands
A.M.26?   1907 n/a England
A.M.26? 2126 n/a Villars-les-Dombes, France
A.M.26?   n/a n/a Hajdu Ráfis János Mezőgazdasági Gépmúzeum, Mezőkövesd, Hungary
S.A.3? (plated as B.O.28) (1911) n/a Ireland
S.A.3? (plated as B.O.28) (2925) n/a n/a
B.O.28   2954 n/a Netherlands?
B.O.28 2997 n/a Musée de Carbonat, France
B.O.28   3011 n/a Geoff Parfitt, Devon, England
16-28 Diesel 3070 1929 Musée de Carbonat, France
B.O.28 3137 n/a England
A.M.26 3175 n/a England
A.M.26?   (3274) n/a Wales
B.O.28 3415 n/a Wales
B.O.28 n/a n/a Musée de Carbonat, France
S.A.3? 3569? n/a Joaquim Deu, Campllong, Girona, Spain
V.33 3611 n/a England
S.A.3 3780 n/a Northern Ireland
D.E.30 (plated as V.33)   (3985) n/a England
S.A.3 4008 n/a Northern Ireland
V33 4223 n/a France
S.A.3   4261 n/a England
S.A.3 4266 n/a n/a
V.33 (vineyard) 4401 n/a n/a
D.E.30 4511 n/a Netherlands
B.O.28? (plated as D.E.30) (4544) n/a England
V.33 (vineyard) 4582 n/a Derbyshire, England
D.E.30 4682 n/a England
D.E.30 (Industrial?)   5045 n/a England
D.E.30 5288 n/a n/a
D.E.30   5511 n/a Musée Agrivap, Ambert, France
D.E.30   n/a n/a n/a
D.E.30 n/a n/a Musée du Machinisme Agricole, Neuvic, France
D.E.30 (Industrial?) n/a n/a Raccolta Museale Etnografica 'Franco Leoni', Portalbera, Italy
D.E.30 n/a n/a Veneto, Italy
22-35   5398 n/a Wales
22-35   n/a n/a Breamore Countryside Museum, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England
V.33? (vineyard)   n/a n/a Musée Maurice Dufresne, Azay-le-Rideau, France
V.33? (vineyard) n/a n/a Conservatoire des Métiers d'Autrefois, Donzac, France
V.34 (vineyard)   n/a n/a England
N.B. Many French-built Austin tractors have had their main fuel tanks swapped, either during their working lives or in preservation. The model/serial no. plate is attached to this tank, and so on certain tractors it may be misleading. In the above listing, serial numbers which do not fully tie in with certain features of the tractor itself are placed in brackets.


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