The Praga name first appeared on cars produced by the Prvni Ceskomoravska Tovarna na Stroje v Praze, a.s. (the Principal Bohemian-Moravian Machine Works in Prague), which was founded in 1871 in Prague's Liben district. In 1912 they began to produce motor ploughs, which also carried the Praga name - the first models were the 40 hp Model K5 and the 32 hp Model X, and the latter was subsequently joined by the 10 hp and 20 hp Model X for smaller farms. In 1921, the company merged with Kolben and Co., which had a long and distinguished history of producing heavy engineering products, locomotives and electrical equipment. In 1927 another merger took place, this time with the Breitfeld-Danek engineering works based at Karlin, now a district of Prague - the resulting company became known as Ceskomoravska Kolben Danek (CKD). This period also saw the beginning of tractor production, initially by Breitfeld-Danek - these tractors carried the "BD" designation and were available as a 25 hp wheeled machine or a 32 hp tracked version. After the formation of CKD, subsequent tractors carried the Praga name and were sold in three horsepower classes the AT 20-25 hp road tractor, the KT 32-36 hp agricultural tractor and a 50 hp tractor for heavy-duty agricultural work. In 1936 the first CKD crawler tractor was also built, intended for the construction industry and the army. In 1927 the manufacture of Praga motor ploughs came to an end, although regular tractor production continued for a number of years.

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Praga K5 40 hp motor plough at the Caslav branch of the Narodni Zemedelske Muzeum (National Agricultural Museum), Czech Republic in 2007.

Praga AT 20-25 hp at the Prague branch of the Narodni Zemedelske Muzeum (National Agricultural Museum), Czech Republic in 2007.


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