The Oekonom has its roots in an engineering works and foundry that was established in 1884 in the Czech town of Hostinne by a gentleman named Eduard Paschke. The firm produced a variety of machinery, but their speciality was wood saws. The difficult economic circumstances after the First World War led to a partnership being formed with an agricultural engineering works in nearby Kuklenach, and the name "Oekonom" was chosen for this joint venture. Production of the Oekonom motor plough began in 1919, and it was intended as an alternative for smaller farms to the heavyweight Excelsior and Praga motor ploughs of the period. However, it came on the market at a time when motor ploughs had already begun to be replaced by tractors, and this fact, combined with the postwar depression, meant that the production run was very limited. The factory continued to produced a range of other products though, and survives to this day as the Krkonose Foundry.

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Oekonom motor plough under restoration at the Caslav branch of the Narodni Zemedelske Muzeum (National Agricultural Museum), Czech Republic in 2007. The third picture is an early photo of the Oekonom at work, taken from the excellent book "Historicke Traktory v Cesklovensku" by Zdenek Tempir.


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