The Nelson Furnace and Blower Co. was established in 1915 at Boston, Massachusetts. Around 1917 they began building a design of four-wheel drive tractor developed by Rudolph Morton, which had already appeared in several different guises during the preceding few years. Nelson offered the tractor in three different versions, rated as 15-24, 20-28 and 35-50hp, which were fitted with Wisconsin four-cylinder engines. The two larger models using a three-speed rather than two-speed gearbox and power was transmitted from a double driving "sheave" below the centrally-mounted gearbox via two heavy-duty chains to the front and rear axles. The tractors were expensive and cumbersome and it is unlikely that many were sold before the company was wound up in 1924.

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Nelson at the Little Casterton Working Weekend, Lincolnshire (UK) in 2012.


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