The Munktells company was established in 1832 at Eskilstuna in Sweden, and began producing steam engines and threshing machines in 1850s. They went on to become Sweden's largest producer of steam engines, but by the early 20th century they began to turn their attention to tractors. The first Munktells tractor appeared in 1913, and was heavily influenced by the giant machines that worked the North American prairies. It was a 30-40 hp machine with a two-cylinder vertical engine that ran on crude oil - it weighed around eight tons and the rear wheels were seven feet in diameter. This tractor was followed in 1916 by a slightly smaller 20-24 hp model, this time with a single-cylinder engine but using the same type of tubular radiator. The general shift towards lightweight tractors in the 1920s was mirrored by Munktells, who introduced the 22 hp in 1921 and 30 hp in 1927 in an attempt to capture a share of the market. The next decade saw a merger with the Bolinder company of Stockholm to form Bolinder-Munktell (BM) and the dvelopment of the "BM" series of tractors with Bolinder engines. Bolinder-Munktell merged with Volvo in the 1950s to form Volvo BM, which was acquired in 1979 by the Finnish Valmet company (now Valtra).

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Munktells 22 HK Industrial (serial no. 4649) at the HMT Show, Panningen, Netherlands in 2005. This tractor is usually on display at the Munktellmuseet, Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Munktells 22 HK (serial no. 4915) at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, Dorset, England in 2002 and Carrington Rally, Lincolnshire, England in 2005.

Munktells 22 HK at the HMT Show, Panningen, Netherlands in 2005.

Munktells 22 HK at the Musee Maurice Dufresne, Azay-le-Rideau, France in 2007.

Munktells 30 HK (serial no. 5480) at the HMT Show, Panningen, Netherlands in 2005.


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