Malcolm Robinson's Collection

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The largest tractor in the collection is a Sawyer-Massey 20-40 built in 1918 (serial no. 5270). It was imported into the UK from Manitoba, Canada in 1998, and since then it has been given a full restoration.

Another big tractor is this 1914 Wallis Cub (serial no. 1487), which came to the UK in 2001 from North Dakota. Malcolm intends to leave it in this nice 'original' condition.

Malcolm has two Wallis K tractors in his collection. The earliest of these is a 1918 model (serial no. 11823), and it is shown here with an M-H ridger in the left-hand photo and an M-H orchard sprayer in the right-hand one.

The second Wallis K is a 1920 model (serial no. 23102), and this photograph of it was taken at the Carrington Rally in 2002.

Malcolm also has a Wallis 20-30 from 1927 (serial no. 52262), seen here with set of M-H disc harrows. This was an original import to the UK, and was owned previously by a farmer who lived just down the road from Malcolm.

The earliest Massey-Harris tractor in Malcolm's collection is this "No.2" 12-22hp (serial no. 1322). This tractor design originated from the Parrett Tractor Co. of Chicago, Illinois. Massey-Harris subsequently arranged for the whole Parrett plant to be moved to Weston, Ontario and the tractors were then built and sold by M-H in Canada.

Malcolm's Massey-Harris "No.3" 15-28hp (serial no. 3020) was purchased at an auction in Arizona, and is one of only three in existence.

Another early Massey-Harris owned by Malcolm is this 1930 General Purpose four-wheel drive tractor with a Hercules side-valve engine and 66-inch tread (serial no. 302057). The right-hand photo shows it in action with an M-H No.10 hand-pumped sprayer.

This Massey-Harris 20-30 (serial no. 64567) dates from 1930, and is seen with a Sunshine No.6 stripper-header at the Little Casterton Working Weekend, Lincolnshire in 2007.

Malcolm's purchased this unstyled 25-40 (serial no. 70271) in 1993 with a siezed engine, and has recently carried out quite a bit of work on it to get it running again.

The Massey-Harris lineup continues with a Green Pacemaker built in 1937 (serial no. 108207), which was found recently in Canada.

This is another of Malcolm's Green Pacemakers, this time built in 1937 (serial no. 109530). It is shown in action with a set of M-H disc harrows in the right-hand photo.

A recent purchase was this unstyled Challenger built in 1937 (serial no. 132835).

A change of colour now, from green to red, with Malcolm's styled Massey-Harris 25-40 (serial no. 74748). The first picture shows it with an early M-H horse-drawn cart, adapted for towing behind a tractor. In the second and third photos, the 25-40 is seen in action at Little Casterton in 2004, firsty cutting the corn with an M-H swather and then threshing it with a Canadian-built Geo. White and Sons thresher.

This Massey-Harris Red Pacemaker built in 1938 (serial no. 121382) is paired with a nicely-restored M-H mower.

Finally we have Malcolm's styled Challenger built in 1938 (serial no. 140146), and shown here coupled with his M-H "Pulverator" plough at Onslow Park Rally in 2007.

Some photos of the Pulverator plough in action.


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