Lawrence Woolf's Collection

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The oldest tractor in Lawrence's collection is this Hart-Parr 30-60 "Old Reliable". This is the only example in the UK, and is currently undergoing a full restoration.

At the other end of the scale is this beautifully restored Hart-Parr 12-24.

Lawrence owns a number of Case tractors, the earliest of which is this 1916 Case 12-25 that came from the Stan Reynolds collection, Alberta, Canada.

Also in nice original condition is this 1917 Case 10-20. Lawrence's Allwork is also visible in the background.

A beautifully restored 1917 Case 9-18A, purchased in New York, completes the Case lineup.

One of two Happy Farmer tractors in Lawrence's collection is this 1917 three-wheeled model. This also came from Iowa and has been featured in several US tractor books.

The second Happy Farmer is a 1920 Model G, one of only a handful known to exist. It was purchased in Southern Ireland, having previously been exported from Montana.

One of the rarest tractors in the collection is this 1917 Wallis Cub Junior, which was purchased in Nebraska and is awaiting restoration.

Another rarity is this Gray Drum Drive 18-36 built in 1919, which was bought in Iowa and runs well.

This fully-restored example of a John Deere "Spoker D" was built in 1925 and was imported by Lawrence from South Dakota (Photo courtesy Peter Love).

Finally, here is Lawrence's Rumely 12-20 K that was bought in Pennsylvania, USA from an Amish man and restored in Canada.


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