The Glasgow tractor was designed by William Guthrie and produced from 1919 by a group of Scottish companies, including the Wallace Farm Implements Co. of Glasgow. The design featured three equal-sized wheels, all of which were driven, and a unique system of ratchets were used in place of a differential to ensure that the two front wheels turned at the correct speeds. A US-built four-cylinder Waukesha engine was used to power the tractor, which was rated at 27 hp. Sales in Great Britain were disappointing, although a number of tractors were shipped to the British colonies, where a few still survive today. Production of the Glasgow tractor ended around 1924, and an attempt to relaunch the tractor a few years later was unsuccessful.

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Glasgow (serial no. 18) at the Pioneer Settlement Museum, Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia in 2007.

Glasgow (serial no. 23) at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, Dorset, England in 2001.

Glasgow (serial no. 27) at Carrington Rally, Lincolnshire, England in 2009.

Glasgow (serial no. 178) at the Booleroo Steam & Traction Preservation Society Museum, Booleroo Centre, South Australia in 2007.


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