Gas Traction

The Gas Traction Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota started out in 1906 as the Transit Thresher Co., but in 1908 it changed its name to reflect its growing interest in tractor production. A number of different four-cylinder models were produced under the "Big Four" name, but the most successful of these was the Big Four "30", a huge 30-60hp tractor with rear wheels eight feet in diameter and two feet wide. A second factory was opened in 1910 at Winnipeg, Canada to satisfy Canadian demands for big powerful tractors - this coincided with numerous successes in the Winnipeg Trials held nearby. In 1912 the Gas Traction Co. was taken over by Emerson-Brantingham, who continued to market the Big Four range of tractors for several more years.

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Gas Traction Co. Big Four 25 (serial no. 6) at the Best Show on Tracks, Woodland, California, USA in 2008.

Gas Traction Co. Big Four 30 at WMSTR, Rollag, Minnesota, USA in 2004.


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