The Filtz name first appeared on a tool-carrying tractor in 1912. A few years later, in 1914, a completely new design of tractor was presented at the French agricultural at Grignon and Trappes under the new name of "Arion-Filtz". This novel machine hauled itself and a trailed implement along by means of a cable attached to the headland which passed over a pair of drums on the side of the tractor. It was equipped with a four-cylinder 25-30 hp engine and was apparently a great success. In 1915, the company, now renamed "Fritz-Grivolas", was one of the thirteen founding members of the the trade association for motorized cultivation. A more powerful 30-40 hp version of the tractor appeared after the First World War, and by 1920 around 500 Filtz tractors had already been sold. However, by the end of the decade the had Filtz disappeared forever, a victim of the withdrawal of governmental backing and of the increasing success of conventional tractors.

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Filtz (serial no. A393) at the Musee Maurice Dufresne, Azay-le-Rideau, France in 2007. This machine appears to have been converted to direct drive at some stage, with the winding gear replaced by chains to the front wheels.


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