The Fageol Motors Corporation was founded in Oakland, California in 1916 by brothers Frank and William Fageol. Early products included trucks and luxury cars, but the company soon focused on producing a compact tractor for Californian citrus growers. The first tractor was an orchard model that consisted of a two-wheeled power unit fitted with deeply-spudded wheels and attached to a ride-on axle with steering at the rear. This was soon followed by a true four-wheeled tractor, examples of which survive today. This was also fitted with the trademark spudded wheels, which led to it being described as a "walking tractor". A huge air filter and louvred bonnet top were other unique features that were particularly suited to the conditions under which it worked. The tractor achieved limited success and production ended around 1923. The Fageol company achieved far greater success with its range of high-speed coaches, and in the late 1920s the brothers founded the Twin Coach business, which is still active today.

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Fageol (serial no. 50233) at the Best Show on Tracks, Woodland, California, USA in 2008. This looks to be a 6-15 or 8-12 model with the early-style cast radiator, but the original engine seems to have been removed and the tractor lengthened at some stage to accommodate a replacement Lycoming C4 engine and a clutch.

Fageol 9-12 (serial no. 50611) with Lycoming K engine at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, Vista, California, USA in 2008.

Fageol 9-12 with Lycoming K engine at the California Antique Farm Equipment Show, Tulare, California, USA in 2005. The tractor is sitting on the back of an early Fageol truck, as can be seen in the right-hand photo.

Fageol 10-15 (serial no. 52085) with Lycoming CT engine owned by David Parfitt, Devon, England and photographed in 2008.

Fageol 10-15 with Lycoming CT engine at the Heidrick Ag History Center, Woodland, California, USA in 2005 and 2008.

Fageol (Great Western) 10-15 (serial no. 16035) at the Best Show on Tracks, Woodland, California, USA in 2008.

Fageol (Great Western) 10-15 at Bright's Pioneer Exhibit, Le Grand, California, USA in 2008.


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