The Eagle Manufacturing Co. of Appleton, Wisconsin was founded in 1888, and early products included a wide range of tools and farm implements. In 1899 they produced their first stationary gas engine, and in 1905 experiments began on a gasoline-powered tractor. The first model was a two-cylinder design, closely followed by a range of four-cylinder tractors in 1910, produncing 16-30, 25-45 and 40-60 hp. These were still relatively heavy machines, and in 1913 Eagle introduced the two-cylinder Model D series to meet farmers' demands for a lightweight tractor. These were soon followed by the well-known Model F and Model H series, many of which have survived until the present day. The last of the two-cylinder Eagle tractors was the Model E, with its distinctive forward-facing radiator. In 1930, Eagle introduced a completely new design - the six-cylinder Model 6A, which was very similar in appearance to an Allis-Chalmers or Rumely 6. The 1930s saw two further models, the 6A and 6C, before Eagle gave up tractor manufacturing for good.

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Eagle Model F 16-30 (serial no. 618, built 1917) at the Pioneer Power Show, Le Sueur, Minnesota, USA in 2011.

Eagle Model F 16-30 at Stapehill Abbey Museum, Dorset, England in 2006.

Eagle Model H 16-30 (serial no. 1136, built 1923) photographed in Belgium in 2006.

Eagle Model H 16-30 (serial no. 1563, built 1926) at the California Antique Farm Equipment Show, Tulare, California, USA in 2005.

Eagle Model H 16-30 (serial no. 1616, built 1927) photographed in a private collection in the UK in 2013.

Eagle Model H 20-40 (serial no. 1200, built 1923) at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, Grand Island, Nebraska, USA in 2011.

Eagle Model H 20-40 (serial no. 1606, built 1927) at Traktormuseum Bodensee, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen, Germany in 2013.

Eagle Model H 22-45 (serial no. 1797, built 1930) at the Country Heritage Park, Milton, Ontario, Canada in 2004.

Eagle Model H 22-45 (serial no. 1805, built 1930) at Onslow Park Rally, Shropshire, England and the Little Casterton Working Weekend, Lincolnshire, England in 2005.

Eagle Model E 20-35 (serial no. 2072, built 1929) at Onslow Park Rally, Shropshire, England in 2007.


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