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This part of the website is for collectors to display their own collections of pre-1930 tractors. The collectors are listed below in alphabetical order according to their surname. If you would like to get in touch with any of these collectors then please email me and I will pass on your details to them.

Russ Hamm lives in Kansas in the central United States and has been collecting tractors since about 1983. His collection mostly consists of International Harvester models, but he has also found room for a few other makes. Russ is a member of the Wheat Heritage Engine and Threshing Company at Goessel, Kansas, which holds a threshing and engine show every year. He has been responsible for the binding and threshing demonstrations there for about the last 10 years. Russ's sons, Ryan and William, help out with the tractors as much as they can, and he is also supported in his hobby by his wife Donna and two daughters, Krissy and April.

Click here to view some photos of Russ's collection

Chris Hudson lives at Grass Lake, Michigan in the USA and is currently attending high school. He regularly travels the country looking for old iron and is particularly interested in the large prairie tractors. Chris used to own a couple of Rumely OilPulls, but recently sold them to make way for an IHC Mogul 45 that he hopes to add to his collection in the near future.

Click here to view some photos of Chris's collection

Phil Johnson lives near Tofield, a small town about 30 miles east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He bought his first steel-wheeled tractor, a 1928 Allis-Chalmers E, in 1998 from an old friend after his father passed away. It didn't take much to get the tractor running, and Phil was soon hooked on the early machines - his collection now includes many other early Allis tractors. Phil's interest expanded into the Twin City line with the purchase of a neighbour's old 17-28 in 2001, which he subsequently restored, and he currently owns six of the smaller Twin City tractors. Phil has a small restoration workshop and restores and repairs early tractors for local collectors. He also hosts an annual "Old Tractor Fun Day" on his farm which is usually well attended by fellow collectors, friends and family.

Click here to view some photos of Phil's collection

Joerg (George) Mueller lives at Weilheim in southern Germany. His father Raimund is a keen collector of German tractors, and Joerg began to follow in his footsteps around 15 years ago. This all changed when he picked up a book on US tractors by Randy Leffingwell though - from that point on Joerg switched his focus to pre-1930 American tractors (with a few early European tractors for good measure). He has a special liking for Hart-Parrs, and his collection now includes several models from this manufacturer. Joerg is a member of Schlepperfreunde Weilheim and he and his friends travel thousands of miles each year to shows all over Europe, including many UK events.

Click here to view some photos of Joerg's collection

Geoff Parfitt lives in Devon, England and likes to collect and restore both pre-1930 steel-wheeled tractors and later models from the 1930s and 40s. His interest in vintage machinery was sparked at an early age by his father Roy, who farmed in Sussex and collected old tractors and cars. Geoff later went on to become an agricultural engineer, and when the family moved to Devon in 1963 their vintage tractor collection began to expand. The first pre-1930 tractor, a Case 18-32 cross-motor, was purchased in the 1980s and this was followed by several more early steel-wheeled machines. All of Geoff's tractors run as good as they look, and he enjoys using them whenever possible at working events. He is a member of the Mid Devon Tractor, Engine and Machinery Group and has been a supporter of local rallies for almost 40 years.

Click here to view some photos of Geoff's collection

Malcolm Robinson lives near Horncastle in Lincolnshire, England and collects early Massey-Harris and Wallis tractors, as well as Massey-Harris implements and other equipment. The Robinson family has a long history of involvement with Massey-Harris products, and Malcolm's own interest in their tractors began at an early age. Since then he has gathered more than fifteen tractors made by M-H and related companies, including such rarities as a giant Sawyer-Massey 20-40 and a Wallis Cub. Depending on the condition he finds a particular tractor in, Malcolm either gives it a full restoration or leaves it in 'original' working condition. His restorations are of the highest standard with great attention to detail, as can be seen from the accompanying photos. Malcolm like nothing better than to use his tractors for the job they were made for, and is a regular at working events around the UK.

Click here to view some photos of Malcolm's collection

Tony Thompson lives near Glenville in southern Minnesota, USA. His main interest is in hand-start tractors on steel, and the majority of his collection is Twin City. Tony has invested a large amount of time studying and cataloguing Twin City history (see his Twin City Tractors website), but has a few other makes including Massey-Harris, Minneapolis-Moline, Oliver, Rumely and Wallis. Tony enjoys attending threshing shows, auctions, and swap meets, and gets a great deal of satisfaction from the people connection that is made from meeting other collectors. Tony's wife Kathy and daughter Paige like to camp at rallies, and support his passion for old iron.

Click here to view some photos of Tony's collection

Lawrence Woolf lives in Ballymena, Northern Ireland and is well known and respected as a collector and dealer of early tractors. Lawrence's collection focuses mainly on pre-1930 steel-wheeled tractors from North America. Early Case and Hart-Parr models are well represented, and he will always find a place for anything interesting or unusual. Lawrence is a member of the Traction Engine Club of Ulster and organises the tractor section at their Annual Rally, an event that is noted for its impressive display of pre-1930 tractors.
[I am very sad to report that Lawrence Woolf passed away in February 2007 as the result of a tragic accident. However, I would like to keep Lawrence's entry on this page for the time being as a tribute to him and his fine collection.]

Click here to view some photos of Lawrence's collection

Rory Woolf lives in Randalstown, Northern Ireland, and is a leading light of the Irish preservation movement. In addition to pre-1930 tractors, Rory's collection includes a Fowler BB1 steam ploughing engine, a Wallis & Steevens traction engine, Super Sentinel and Clayton & Shuttleworth steam waggons and several Stanley steam cars. He is a member of the Traction Engine Club of Ulster, and regularly particpates in vintage rallies and other events throughout Ireland together with his son Lawrence.

Click here to view some photos of Rory's collection

Martien van der Zanden lives in the Netherlands, and began collecting tractors around 25 years ago with the purchase of an Italian-built Motomeccanica Balilla. Since then he has added several more tractors, mostly from European manufacturers, and his collection has also expanded to include tin and porcelain advertising signs and spark plugs. Martien also has his own website.

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