Chris Hudson's Collection

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This is Chris's I.H.C. Titan 45hp (serial no. TN239, built 1911) which spent its working life in the area around Emerson, Iowa. It was later abandoned and became buried in a river bed, but was rescued for preservation in the 1960s and subsequently exhibited at shows. The tractor was then purchased by a collector in Australia and shipped Down Under, but Chris repatriated the tractor in 2008. Here is the tractor as it was when it was returned from Australia:

And here is the tractor now, after a full mechanical restoration:

Some videos of the tractor in action: Video 1  Video 2  Video 3


The latest addition to the collection is this I.H.C. Titan 20hp (serial no. TD329, engine no. UB4286, built 1912). The tractor was purchased new by Sam Mattila, who got it at a discounted rate from IHC in late 1912 after he had received a contract from the McCormick Tract earlier in the year. He used the tractor on the Tract to clear trails and saw lumber, and also on his own farm with his portable American sawmill. They would also take the tractor by rail farther north to crush rock and saw lumber as well. The tractor was in serious need of a second overhaul by 1930, so a letter was sent to IHC to order a new cylinder, piston, rod bearing, governor and clutch carrier. The parts never arrived and the tractor then fell into disrepair after that. In 1954 it was dragged out of the wood where it lay and one rear wheel was removed to use as a blade for clearing snow. The tractor lay on its side until Jim Watson came and looked at it in 1979 and purchased it for 500 dollars, although he didn't come back to collect it until 1984. Jim passed away in the autumn of 2009 and two years later Chris acquired the tractor. You can follow the progress of the restoration of this tractor here.

Here are some photos of the tractor during its early life: the first taken in 1930 and the second in 1954.

And some more photos showing the tractor as it was when Jim Watson purchased it.


This is an I.H.C. Autowagon that Chris bought recently, and which was discovered in a barn near Charlevoix, Michigan in the early 1980s.


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