Caldwell Vale

Felix and Norman Caldwell of Adelaide, South Australia were granted a patent in 1907 for a four-wheel drive system, which they first employed on their own design of motor plough with four equal sized wheels and a mid mounted disc plough. This was followed in 1910 by a 60/80 hp road tractor, also with four-wheel drive. Shortly afterwards they joined forces with Henry Vale, who provided much-needed financial support and manufacturing experience, to form the Caldwell Vale company. Around 1913, Caldwell Vale produced a four-wheel drive articulated tractor, which was equally at home in the field and on the road. The product line also included railway locomotives, stationary engines and even a four-wheel drive car. Unfortunately the company was badly affected by a lawsuit several years later, and disappeared in the mid 1910s.

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Caldwell Vale at the Booleroo Steam & Traction Preservation Society Museum, Booleroo Centre, South Australia in 2007.


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